• Voice Recording

    For better customer service, staff performance & evaluation, complaint resolution and cost savings.

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  • Airnode

    Temporary or permanent connectivity for under-serviced areas. Speeds that match fibre optic.

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  • Telecommunication

    Super fast internet, mobile access, hosted exchange and data management.

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  • Fibre To The Business

    Turn any office into a high-speed hub.

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  • Fibre to the home

    Fast, latency-free entertainment at your finger tips.

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  • Mobility

    Connect to your office through your public IP address and link to locally hosted applications.

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  • Fibre to the business

    Interconnect your offices with real time data transfer.

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  • Security

    Your data security always comes first. Our internet links come with public static IP addresses and are monitored.

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  • Fibre to the home

    Everything in real time, multi users, multi channels.

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  • Cloud Computing

    In our corporate grade data centres we offer you the best value for money on many hosted applications.

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Fibre to the home and business.

Voice & Data – Connectivity since 2009.


Fibre To The Business (FTTB)

Get better performance through your Virtual Private Network by uploading or downloading in seconds enabling quicker backup or sharing of data. Improve your business telecommunication services with smooth video-conferencing and via the use of centralised, cloud-hosted applications. You can also use fibre connectivity for better security coverage for CCTV systems, cost-saving VoIP telephones as well as PBX systems. Apart from these benefits, the use of fibre connectivity is vast, and with data usage set to almost double each year, the choice is clear for business. Read More…

Fibre To The Home (FTTH)

Fibre optic telecommunication provides better speed and performance of up to 200 times more, to that of conventional copper ADSL lines. This means that Entertainment via HDTV, Video on Demand, IPTV and Internet radio is now a reality for almost all homes in South Africa. Home businesses are also becoming more prolific, therefore it makes sense to have a fast, flexible solution in your home office. By combining your broadband and phone lines in one package will also provide cheaper phone calls through other networks. Click here to read more or Click here for a quote.

Voice & Data Fibre to The Home Video

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Voice & Data’s Data Dialer – Free VoIP Calling Mobile App

Click here to visit the Data Dialer page


Telecommunication solutions for your business, office park, shopping mall or residential estate.

Telecommunication is seen in a different light by specific businesses or residential concerns. That’s why Voice & Data provides a portfolio of proven, telecommunication solutions that work for enterprises and individuals. Our telecom solutions are adaptable across many environments, ensuring that digital and voice communications in your business or home remain consistent. Click here for more info.

Whether you run a small office, a large corporate concern or simply require a fast, reliable Internet connection at home, Voice & Data have a solution to ensure your needs are met. From a nationwide, multi-branch franchise network to a single office data backup system, we are able to effectively adapt and fulfill your requirements. We also make sure our systems are scalable, effectively growing with your business’s future needs.


Fibre to the home - hosted PBX Special solution

Our Primary Solution

Voice & Data offer Fibre to the home and business, as well as hybrid connectivity as a real alternative to the larger, established service providers. We focus on dramatically improving on slow fixed lines -especially in under serviced areas and offer multiple fail over strategies to ensure uptime, all the time. Read More…

Products and Services

We offer last mile connections via wireless, fibre cable, LTE and ADSL access. Basic products cover capped and uncapped internet, hosted exchange and email, managed security and data back up, website hosting, dedicated servers, shared servers, mobile services, voice services, VoIP, fax, telephony and PBX. Read More…

Technological Convergence

Voice & Data’s product range ensures the effective convergence of ITTCE (Information Technologies, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics and Entertainment). This enables reliable, seamless access while providing military grade security in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Wireless and other environs. Read More…

The Preferred Technology Partner since 2009

Voice & Data was founded in 2009 and is a licensed Telco Operator. We provide IT and telecommunication solutions to any size businesses across South Africa. Contact us or choose a package to see how we can improve on your current system and provide you with a cost effective solution to best suit your business.

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