Brits Airnode Fibre Internet Services

Brits Airnode Fibre Internet Services


Brits Airnode Fibre Internet Services - Voice & Data Packages for Brits, North West Province


Voice & Data have rolled out their Brits Airnode Fibre Internet services in Brits, North West Province.


Is the service capped?

No, all Voice & Data’s internet packages are Uncapped with no fair usage policy – meaning that access is truly Unlimited with no throttling.

Line speeds

Businesses line speeds: 5 to 20 Mbps.
Residential line speeds: 2 to 6 Mbps packages.

Monthly pricing

Business R1 849 to R3 249.
Residential from R749 to R1 149.

What’s Included in the monthly price?

Wi-Fi Router / connection device
2 to 8 VoIP telephone lines (Dependant on Packages).
Free voice calls to other Voice & Data subscribers.

Can I keep my telephone numbers?

Yes, you are able to keep your existing telephone numbers. We will port them to our network on request.

What if I need additional telephone lines?

Additional lines can be purchased individually at a very low monthly fee each.

How much do I pay for phone calls?

Voice & Data’s voice rates are very competitive, boasting a true, per-second billing structure, so you only pay for what you use.

  • Local calls per minute: R0.29 (R0.0048 per second)
  • National calls per minute: R0.29 (R0.0048 per second)
  • Mobile calls per minute: R0.59 (R0.0098 per second)
  • International calls: Dependant on destination
  • Voice & Data to Voice & Data subscribers: Free (No charge)

Do I need a VoIP phone to make calls over the internet?

Yes you do. Voice & Data have a wide range of IP phones at different prices to suit your budget. Contact us for advice and pricing.

Can I make calls using my mobile phone?

Yes you can. Either through your WI-Fi router or through any Wi-Fi hotspot – register and download our Mobile Wi-Fi App to activate this service.

All specials relating to the Brits Airnode Fibre Internet services are subject to a limited time period.

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To get a current quote on the Brits Airnode Fibre Internet services, click here.

All packages are subject to Voice & Data’s terms & conditions which can be viewed or downloaded here.

For more info, contact Voice & Data – Click here.


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