Building and Complex Connectivity (Infrastructure)

Building and Complex Connectivity - Get high speed connectivity for your property developement

Building, Complexes, Office Parks, Malls & Residential Estates.

With our fibre and Wireless installations individual or multiple services can be deployed allowing your office park, building, mall or residential estate to take full advantage of our connectivity offerings.

This means that Voice & Data has the ability to deploy secure fibre networks to offer broadband internet services with the relevant backup solutions. We can manage alternate last mile connections to make sure that the services are robust and stable.

Should a complex or building already be in existence, Voice & Data is able to deploy a wireless environment which makes retrofitting the complex or estate time to “go live” faster. This type of network is faster to deploy than alternate equivalent connectivity solutions.

This is by far the best application for new complexes, Due to the capacity of the delivery mechanism the solution will last well into the future and be able to deal with multiple feeds simultaneously, namely, voice, video and data. Faster speeds and larger capacities can be achieved through the use of fiber.

Why is this important?
As services move away from terrestrial type connections and media starts to be high definition delivery to the home will become more dependent on speed. Having a fibre environment will naturally make the home ready and if these services are not rolled out on the complex then a retrofit can be supplied via Wi-Fi access and other means.

What Voice & Data Offer:

  • Upfront planning with body corporates, developers and architects.
  • Assist clients with requirements as they move into the office park.
  • Generally we install a failover solution for the fibre, it is a reality today that trenched physical cables actually get damaged by water pipe replacement, electricity upgrades.