Business Cloud Computing

Business Cloud Computing from voice and data

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a virtualization technology that runs your applications on a server anywhere in the world, and delivers them to your devices anywhere in the world. Accessing your most important business applications becomes as easy as clicking on Cloudware, and choosing the application you want to use. The application “opens” on your device, and you start using it straight away.

Doesn’t matter if you’re on a home PC, your work computer, sitting on a train with your smartphone, or on holiday with your iPad. Cloudware gives you instant access to the applications you need to run your business.

The applications you are using do not run on your machine, they run inside a private or public cloud of the customers’ choosing, which means your data is safe, your access is secure, and you don’t need to load anything on your local device. This also means you don’t have to worry about the devices themselves. If your computer crashes, grab your tablet, click on Cloudware, and just keep going.

You can use as many of your own devices as you like to access your business critical applications. Cloudware handles all the complicated stuff too, like printing, syncing with AD and roaming profiles.

True Mobility
Operates on multiple devices and on various operating systems.

Happens either on site at your offices or in the data centre.

App Delivery
Apps get delivered straight to your device. You no longer need to support individual devices, you can even remove the support of operating systems for end users or branches. Business Cloud Computing enables you to deliver your critical software from one central environment, delivered as far and wide as you choose.

Disaster Recovery
At you fingertips, saving your business money, reputation and productivity. Cloud enables Disaster recovery as part of your strategy anywhere in the world.

SSL and military grade encryption offer a high standards of security.

Cloud Mobility
Workers are increasingly mobile and they struggle to keep office hours. Preferring to send emails and complete tasks while on the move or from home. Cloudware makes this easy for any organisation to achieve -which drives productivity and growth.

Uses for the cloud – Typical applications:

  • Make it easier to deploy off site services like accounting packages, improve speed of data VPN, Higher security levels, licensing advantages.
  • Highly redundant server platforms, one server fails your application or production environment continues.
  • The application typically address networking constraints over networks where you continually are having bandwidth issues.

Hybrid IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Is your business looking for a way to get more out of its existing hosting system without investing a large amount upfront or taking the full leap into cloud computing? With Voice & Data Hybrid IaaS you can add a cloud platform to your existing system, extending the life span of your equipment while experiencing the advantages of the latest in hosting technology.

The name Voice & Data Iaas may sound technical but don’t let it scare you off, we have the expertise to deal with all the technical bits, so you can simply get on with business. Using a mixture of traditional hosting and cloud services, we can move your business applications in manageable stages.

This means your business no longer has to worry about hardware upgrades and the associated costs. Services and applications can simply be moved into the cloud either when systems reach the limits of their designed capacity or at the end of their lifecycle.

Online Back up

The Solution
We understand the challenges facing companies in the data back-up arena, and have a comprehensive solution to solve all foreseeable issues. We offer Enterprise class Data Protection solutions, comprising data backup, long-term data storage & retention, and restoration to corporate entities regardless of data volume and size in a Tier4 Data Centre environment with a unique portal to enhance reporting and billing.

Our long-term data storage and retention offering allows your organisation to meet the industry standard in governance and compliance regulations.

Our Cloud Backup reporting allows you to track the usage of data within the storage facility, and to map trends.

Key benefits:

  • Automated reporting emailed to users.
  • Data trends.
  • Details regarding successful or unsuccessful backups.
  • Billing.
  • All backups are on disk as opposed to traditional tape – eliminating tape switching, the risk of damage and migration challenges.
  • A unique portal with the following capabilities: o Consolidated view of the entire Backup environment across various business entities, departments and divisions within a Group.
    • Automated reporting of the backup environment via e-mail providing instant successful/unsuccessful confirmation of the backup action as well as eliminating the need for highly skilled and expensive resources to perform the reporting function.
    • Providing flexible costing and pricing models including Pay as you use cost per GB.
    • Accurate billing by identifying the source of data backed up and allocating cost to that specific node, division or department.
  • The ability to apply white labeling and multi-tenancy.
  • State of the art security including in-flight 256-bit encryption, XIV storage encryption and Tier 4 Data Centres.

So how do we do this? – we come through to your site and:

  • Consult on the Back up policy.
  • Back up the initial data per PC, per Server.
  • We upload this into the Data centre cloud environment.
  • Load the back up scripts on the relevant PC and servers.
  • Start the back up process.
  • Simulate a back up condition of a machines – IT manager and A Voice & Data personal to be present for sign off. Typically IT manager will come through to The Voice & Data office and this simulation will be done via a VM are machine.

File Transfer Technologies

Voice & Data offers next generation data transfer technologies that move digital assets at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions.

  • Business Cloud Computing enables file sharing and collaboration between distributed and project teams.
  • Secure Drop box for individuals or teams e.g. marketing and engineering departments.
  • Mobile file transfer application for iOS and Android devices.
  • High speed multidirectional data synchronisation and replication for data centres, disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Storage Cloud in our data centre space.


  • Maximum Transfer speed with optimal end-to-end throughput efficiency. The transfer performance scales with bandwidth independent of transfer distance and is resilient to packet loss.
  • Congestion Avoidance and Policy Control – Automatic, full utilisation of available bandwidth with on-the –fly prioritisation and allocation of available bandwidth.
  • Uncompromising security and reliability – Secure user/endpoint authentication offering 128 to 256 cryptography in transit and at rest.
  • Monitoring and control – Real time feedback on progress, performance and bandwidth utilisation with detailed transfer history and logging.
  • Outperforms alternative technologies to TCP, which can include UDP traffic blasters, data caching, modified TCP, data compression and CDN.

Our Business Cloud Computing eliminates the shortcomings of the traditional Transmission Control Protocols (TCP).

TCP shortcomings include the following:

  • Packet loss and increased latency.
  • TCP congestion avoidance algorithm exponentially reduces the transmission rate when it detects packet loss and therefore itself contributes to bottlenecks and inefficient bandwidth utilisation.
  • It creates a severe artificial throughput penalty over wide area networks.
  • Does not scale with bandwidth.