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Free Mobile VoIP Calls

Data Dialer is a free app that gives you the means to make and receive free mobile VoIP calls via your mobile device through any Wi-Fi environment. Data Dialer subscribers can call each other, as well as other Voice & Data subscribers, free of charge. Calls outside of the Data Dialer / Voice & Data networks are charged at very low rates - no matter which mobile network you are using. Calls are billed per second (not per minute), so you only pay for what you use. Simply register, download the app, buy call time and you’re good to go. It’s like having your own private cell phone tower and personal Wi-Fi network traveling with you at all times. Click here to view and download the flyer.

How does Data Dialer work?

  • Once Data Dialer is enabled on your device, your phone will need to connect to an available data connection or preferably, a Wi-Fi network.
  • You will then be able to make VoIP calls from your mobile device using the Data Dialer app at call rates a lot cheaper than your traditional cellular network provider. You can also make free mobile VoIP calls to other Voice & Data clients.
  • Our Data Dialer platform is secure, and your balance is prepaid. Always make sure that you have strong passwords and remember that for most mobile devices you can download mobile security applications.
  • Data Dialer is independent of your contract and is not locked into any cellular / mobile network. You can have an existing contract with a mobile provider and still use Data Dialer to make calls.
  • Data Dialer works on all the latest Android, Apple iOS & Windows Mobile phone devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Data Dialer offers a convenient on the go installation and easy prepaid payment for airtime purchases.
  • Utilising a wifi network, Data Dialer provides better indoor coverage compared to cellular macro base stations. This solves an increasing problem with modern building structures causing interference to cellular coverage.
  • Data Dialer subscribers do not always have to be near their landlines as their Data Dialer number works with the app on your mobile phone.
  • Data Dialer works over any data connection provided by any cellular network and also provides voice services over any Wi-Fi network (home, office or public hotspots).
  • For international travellers, while using Data Dialer over Wi-Fi, all roaming charges will be minimized as a call from anywhere in the world will be charged at Voice & Data rates.
  • Data Dialer app offers free on-net VoIP calls via the Voice & Data network meaning any other number on the Voice & Data network can be called free of charge.

Download Data Dialer at these online app stores

Free Mobile VoIP Calls - Data Dialer on the Apple iStore

Free Mobile VoIP Calls - Data Dialer on Google Play


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How do I get Data Dialer?

Step 1

Visit & follow the process to register.

Step 2

You will be sent a follow up SMS with login details.

Step 3

Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store & download the app.

Step 4

Insert your details as received via SMS & you’re good to go!

Step 5

You can purchase airtime vouchers online or buy a voucher from your local vendor.

Step 6

Your prepaid balance is safe with us & can be used for up to 12 months after purchase.