Get Free Wi-Fi For Your Coffee Shop, Restaurant or Pub. Attract customers. Click here or call us for more info.

Free Wi-Fi For Your Coffee Shop, Restaurant or Pub

Free Wi-Fi For Your Coffee Shop, Restaurant or Pub.

Looking for ways to get more seats filled in your venue? Get free Wi-Fi For Your Coffee Shop, Restaurant or Pub. Voice & Data will provide you with a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot, and give your customers half an hour free uncapped internet access!

We are also able to assist you, by providing marketing materials to promote and advertise the service. Not only will your customers benefit from a high speed internet connection, you will also be able to access and use the service to run your business - at no cost to you.


Give your business an edge over the competition.

After your customers have used their free half an hour uncapped internet, they also have the option to purchase additional time, enabling you to further captivate your audience and generate sales. Once you are connected, you will have access to other value added services, such as our DataDialer mobile Wi-Fi voice app, that enables you to send sms's and make free phone calls to other Voice & Data clients, as well make calls anywhere via Wi-Fi, at very low call rates.

We also offer a wide spectrum of other services that can optimise your business and save you money. To see if you qualify to get free Wi-Fi For Your Coffee Shop, Restaurant or Pub, please fill in the form on this page.


Why should you provide free Wi-Fi to your customers?

Google have updated their search engine algorithms to favor mobile-friendly websites.

Today, people are making more use of the Internet while on the go and thus, they expect to access the WiFi hotspots while they are on the move.

The business houses of today are rushing to meet the demand of offering free WiFi to the customers. If you have a physical business space, offering free WiFi to your customers can provide you a series of advantages:

  • Increased time spent on the premises.
  • Increased Foot Traffic.
  • Attract New Customers.
  • Meet Customer Expectations.
  • Differentiate Between Competitors.
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking.

Discover more about the benefits of Wi-Fi in your business, click here...

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