High Speed Fibre Internet for Home or Home Businesses.



About High Speed Fibre Internet

Fibre optic internet makes use of a multi-thread glass or plastic fibre cable as opposed to outdated, standard copper cables used in regular telephone & internet connectivity.

Fibre optic cables are buried underground & over the last 20 years in South Africa, have been (re)placed between major telephone exchanges & the telecommunication cabinets seen on pavements in all major suburbs.

Apart from the increased capacity & performance of fibre optic, which in some cases is 2-300 times faster & more stable than DSL, fibre offers a wide range of other benefits to both the providers using it & ultimately the end user. With copper cable theft & downtime amounting to multi-million Rands in losses annually, fibre cable has almost no resale value & isn’t affected as much, or as often by lightning. Currently, fibre is faster & more reliable than any other, fixed consumer-based telco solution.

A host of Service providers, such as Neotel, Openserve (Telkom), Infraco, IS, Teraco, Cell C, Vodacom & MTN (among others) control access to the main core network, they own their own on-land networks & in some cases the undersea cables that connect South Africa to the rest of the world.
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What consumers who own businesses & homes are now seeing, are a great number of last mile fibre providers such as Vumatel, Dark Fibre Africa & Bitco, who carry fibre from the core network to suburb streets. Many of the core service providers overlap with these last mile providers offering comsumer & business-based fibre internet services.

Making use of last mile providers are ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Voice & Data, who have partnered with most of the core & last mile companies to provide a host of services & products to ensure your internet & online activities fit & work seamlessly through all networks. Here again, some core & last mile providers also serve & overlap as ISPs.

While price is still a deciding factor in many cases for the end user, it’s important to note what value an ISP can provide for you though it’s technical automation & management of your services and, what other functionality it offers apart from just an internet connection.

For example, as a small home based business one may require VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services for making telephone calls, extra phone lines as the business grows, PBX (switchboard) functions, network security to protect data, offsite (Cloud) backups, online usage monitoring, mobile calling for sales people off site etc.

But what does this mean for a home who just wants good, reliable connectivity – & what can one do with a fibre internet connection?

Voice & Data Fibre To The Home

Voice & Data offer the following fibre-based options to consider:

Free VoIP Voice Line
as a thank you & to assist you in entering the fibre environment.

Free Voice Calls
to any other Voice & Data subscribers (get your family to also join our network!).

Keep Your Land Line Phone Number
we will port your number(s) to our network & provide additional lines if required. Read more…

VoIP Calling Via Your Mobile Phone
use our mobile VoIP app to make calls. Read more…

Low Call Rates
our local & international calls are highly competitive.

Access to On-Demand Services
such as Netflix, Youtube, Showmax, sports & news channels. No more re-runs – skip the ads!

Simultaneous Online Users
that can access the internet, at the same time, using different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops & TVs.

a stable fast connection that won’t lag or stall.

Online storage / Super fast uploads & downloads
for sharing & backups of data, photographs & other information you want kept safe & secure. Read more…

Fast Browsing
for Skype, research, chat, social media, online banking, general surfing,

Access to software as a service
fast & easy use of online apps for business & education.

Network Security
managed, monitored network & computer security. Read more…

Home & Business Security
video & camera surveillance in real time, that can be viewed on smart devices (cell phones). Read more…

High Definition
fibre is fast & powerful enough to handle HD & emerging standards such as Ultra HD (4K). Read more…

..and of course…

Uncapped internet packages!

All our packages are uncapped with no fair usage policy – which means no throttling – truly uncapped internet access.

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