World-class, corporate grade products and services providing telecommunications that work for you.

Voice & Data's products and services cover a wide variety of solutions to assist you in running your business effectively. Connectivity in any enterprise, through whichever mediums suit your business the best, is of the utmost importance. This not only gives you the means to communicate with your customers, but to also provides a platform from which operations within your business can work smoothly and effectively.

Whether you're an existing concern that needs a custom hybrid solution or a new infrastructure project that requires systems from the ground up, Voice & Data can guide you through the various options available to make your telecommunications network, work for you.

We offer world-class managed security products coupled with hosted cloud-based services ensuring your data is protected and accessible at all times from any remote location. Our voice and mobile services are guaranteed to provide you with cost saving tariffs within your organisation, not only by offering number porting options, but also giving you the option of multi-SIM card linking to a single data bundle.

We also offer online management of our services and products so that you may effectively monitor, adjust or remediate any activities. For more information on our products and services, please click one of the links below.


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