Resnode Residential Wireless Internet

Resnode Fibre Internet For Home & Home Businesses

Resnode Residential Wireless Internet is designed to be used in areas where the installation of physical fibre optic cable is delayed or not possible. Resnode Residential Wireless Internet offers a quick wireless installation connected to high speed fibre backhaul, ensuring that you receive a fibre grade internet service with a quick and easy wireless connection to the nearest high site. Scroll down to see the general pricing guide. Prices may vary depending on the location of the installation.


Is the service capped?

No, all Voice & Data's internet packages are Uncapped with no fair usage policy – meaning that access is truly Unlimited with no throttling.

Line speeds

Residential line speeds: 20 to 40 Mbps.

Monthly pricing

R1949 to R2449

What's Included in the monthly price?

Free Wi-Fi router  & wireless connection equipment
The ability to make phone calls over your internet line
Free voice calls to other Voice & Data subscribers

Can I keep my telephone numbers?

Yes, you are able to keep your existing telephone numbers. We will port them to our network on request.

What if I need a telephone lines?

Lines can be purchased individually at a very low monthly fee each.

How much do I pay for phone calls?

Voice & Data’s voice rates are very competitive, boasting a true, per-second billing structure, so you only pay for what you use.

  • Local calls per minute: R0.29 (R0.0048 per second)
  • National calls per minute: R0.29 (R0.0048 per second)
  • Mobile calls per minute: R0.59 (R0.0098 per second)
  • International calls: Dependant on destination
  • Voice & Data to Voice & Data subscribers: Free (No charge)

Do I need a VoIP phone to make calls over the internet?

Yes you do. Voice & Data have a wide range of IP phones at different prices to suit your budget. Contact us for advice and pricing.

Can I make calls using my mobile phone?

Yes you can. Either through your WI-Fi router or through any Wi-Fi hotspot - register and download our Mobile Wi-Fi App to activate this service.

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