Voice Recording For All Voice & Data Clients

Voice Recording - Voice and data clkients now all have telephone voice recording available

Voice & Data's telephone voice recording system from only R99 per month.

Why should you company use a telephone voice recording system?
Any company using tele-communication for selling or ongoing interaction with their clients, should consider using call a telephone voice recording system. Call recording not only assists in driving profits, but also improves the means to improve customer service & the business's reputation in the long run.

Key areas where customer voice recordings are valuable:

  • Efficiency & speed in customer service
  • Performance & Evaluation in tele-communication
  • Resolution in customer complaints

Size of company
Smaller companies can especially benefit from the capture & archiving of calls over time, to either, analyse / evaluate the performance of their employees in relation to their connection with the customer, or identify obstacles in the process of complaint resolution. Benefits not only cover these primary aspects, but also tackles other issues surrounding products & services, that can be pin-pointed & adjusted, to improve the company's over all offering in the marketplace.

Cost Savings
A telephone voice recording system can cost a company between R20 000 to R150 000 ZAR (excluding annual licensing fees). Voice & Data's call recording systems are set at a low R99 per month (R1 188 per annum), making it affordable & accessible to any size business in South Africa.

Voice & Data's telephone voice recording system can be easily accessed online at any time, ensuring all files are stored securely in one place.

Our Satisfied Clients
Join our over 1000 current customers who are effectively using the Voice & Data telephone voice recording system. We also offer a trial period in which you can decide to either retain or reject the service.

For more information on how to access your call recordings please log a ticket with Voice & Data Support at support@voiceanddatats.co.za

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