Website and Email Hosting

Website and Email Hosting from voice and data

Hosting Services

Hosting Services where you are able to view and manage the hosting services associated to your domain, package, plan or server using a wide variety of tools to give you maximum control.

Functions include:

  • Domain details (Web Hosting).
  • Hosting Details (Servers).
  • Manage Services.
  • Statistics and Reports.
  • Email - Manage all your email accounts associated to your domain and view your mail logs.
  • Domain Management (Managed server) - Manage the individual domains on your Managed serve.


For your IT equipment to run without interruption you need a secure environment. This does not just refer to a physically secure location, but one that has sufficient power, effective cooling and assured network connectivity. With collocation from Voice & Data, you can rest assured that your servers are secure in a tier ¾ data centre whilst you retain complete control of them and the applications they house, meaning you can simply get on with business. Located throughout our core network, we have multiple sites within which we offer secure and affordable collocation services. To find out about our collocation service at each of our sites, choose from the data centre below.

Why use a Co-location facility:

  • Through private cloud it might be a strategy to virtualise your equipment by using a private cloud solution.
  • Make sure critical services have uptime, ideal for multi branch solutions and Eskom load shedding – keep 80% of all branches working.
  • Hassle of power and or lightening problems at site, continual theft of systems and high resilience of having your equipment in a data centre.

Back up server Co Location facilities:

  • MTN Gallo Manor: Tier 4 Data centre.
  • Teraco Isando: Tier 3 Data centre.
  • Teraco Durban: Tier 3 Data centre.
  • Teraco Cape Town: Tier 3 Data centre.
  • Alternative Site in Centurion: Tier 3 Data Centre.

Dedicated Servers
Voice & Data’s Dedicated Server packages are designed to meet the needs of your business now, and most importantly, as your business grows. From the outset, we can help you choose the level of service that suits your needs. Our Dedicated Servers provide your business with the infrastructure to support your web presence and data requirements easily and quickly.
Our Dedicated Server solution is a family of best-of-breed server offerings that provides smaller organisations with a reliable, cost-effective service that eliminates the need to maintain in-house staff and facilities, and makes professional data centre facilities available to businesses of all sizes.
Designed for organisations that need a hosting platform but lack the time, resources or expertise to effectively implement, support and manage their hosting initiatives 24 hours a day.

You don’t have to outlay initial capital to buy a server. We make your business budgets go further compared to hosting in-house, by spreading your payments, future proofing your platform, and including a range of additional services.

Peace of mind that our Dedicated Server solution flexibly meets your needs, by offering a choice of hardware specifications and operating systems.

We provide a 99.99% availability Service Level Agreement with 4 hour hardware replacement and 24/7×365 support as standard.

Dedicated Servers are all housed in data centres, which are Tier II/III facilities with superior resilience on power, cooling and security. In turn, the data centres are connected to Voice & Data’s highly resilient national fibre network, which gives you faster response times.

Additional Dedicated Servers can be easily and quickly added.


Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange provides business with a single view of their email, calendar and contacts on their PC, phone and the web so that employees can stay connected and informed, wherever they are.

Hosted Exchange offers all of the features of Microsoft Exchange as a cloud based solution. This means that you can have all of the functionality of Microsoft Exchange without having to invest in hardware, software, connectivity and the skills required to manage and maintain Microsoft Exchange for your business. You simply connect to the our Hosted Exchange environment.

Website and Email Hosting - Single View

Single View
Your email, calendar, contacts and tasks are synchronised to all your email clients, including PC’s, tablets, phones and the web interface. This means that any changes are available to all of your connected devices.

Website and Email Hosting - Mobile Access

Mobile Access
You can synchronise and access your Exchange services, such as email, calendar and tasks, even when you are not in the office by getting you email directly on your mobile devices. Most modern smart phones and tablets natively support Microsoft Exchange.

Website and Email Hosting - Contacts Management

Microsoft Exchange provides you with a single location where you can store all of your contacts. You can directly book meetings, email or even call contacts from a single, convenient interface.

Website and Email Hosting - Shared Calendar

You can share your calendar with colleagues and even external parties, and view other people’s calendars to easily book meetings and schedule events. You can even book resources such as meeting rooms or other resources via shared calendars.

Web Interface
Even when you find yourself without your PC, smart phone or tablet, you can still access your email, calendar en tasks via the native Microsoft Exchange web interface. The web interface functions much like Microsoft Outlook, which makes the use of the interface intuitive and easy.

Website and Email Hosting - Centralised Task Manager

Task Management
You can manage tasks, set reminders and even delegate tasks via Microsoft Exchange.

Website and Email Hosting - Anti Spam, Anti Virus Security

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
Voice & Data has implemented the latest anti-spam and anti-virus filters that are available. Each and every message that is received or transmitted via our Hosted Exchange platform is scanned for threats such as phishing and viruses as well as whether the message is likely to be spam. This means that by the time that your email is delivered to you it is both safe and relevant.

Website and Email Hosting - 24/7/365 global support

Hosted Exchange has been designed with fault tolerance and high availability as its key focus. This means that we have implemented our Hosted Exchange solution so that no single point of failure exists. Our servers are hosted in our own data centre, which includes redundant connectivity, redundant power, redundant hardware as well as a redundant implementation of Microsoft Exchange. All of these factors combine to ensure that our Hosted Exchange is always available.

Our Hosted Exchange solution comes with a help desk service, so should you require any assistance in setting up your PC, tablet or phone to use our Hosted Exchange, importing your existing mail archive or with any other Hosted Exchange related issues, our support engineers are ready to help.

Website and Email Hosting - Backups and data transfer

While our Hosted Exchange is designed with built-in fault tolerance and high availability, backups are still an integral part of our disaster and recovery planning. With daily full backups, a comprehensive backup rotation schedule as well as off-site backups we are prepared for any disaster that may strike. This combined with disaster recovery testing allows us to offer peace of mind to our clients that your emails, contacts and calendars are safe.

Hosted Exchange and Pop 3 Mail Systems

Pop Email
At Voice & Data we host your POP mail at two data centres, you can have data accounts that are secure and backed up. This is a business service.

POP Workflow:

  • Connect to server.
  • Retrieve all mail.
  • Store locally as new mail.
  • Delete mail from server*.
  • Disconnect

*The default behaviour of POP is to delete mail from the server. However, most POP clients also provide an option to leave a copy of downloaded mail on the server.

IMAP Workflow:

  • Synchronised mail between multiple devices Connect to server.
  • Fetch user requested content and cache it locally, e.g. list of new mail, message summaries, or content of explicitly selected emails.
  • Process user edits, e.g. marking email as read, deleting email etc.
  • Disconnect

As you can see, the IMAP workflow is a little more complex than POP. Essentially, folder structures and emails are stored on the server and only copies are kept locally. Typically, these local copies are stored temporarily. However, you can also store them permanently.