Business DSL Internet


DSL is a best-effort, alternative to our larger connectivity solutions. Our Business DSL internet provides businesses with a high quality broadband internet connection & a connection to Voice & Data’s voice network.

Over the last 10 years Business DSL Internet has become increasingly cost-effective, with prices falling over regular intervals. South Africa still possesses a large network of copper (Telephone) cabling that is fairly stable & effective in most areas, but older areas where cabling has been affected by age or in areas where weather is extreme (Wet or lighting), connectivity may be intermittent.

DSL is very budget-friendly, but the need for a paid telephone line through Telkom is required to have DSL implemented in your company.

Line speeds of up to 40 Mbps are reachable, dependant on your location, however the reality of speeds range between 4-20Mbps - which are still favorable for internet, email & data backup usage.

DSL is still the most widely used fixed broadband medium in South Africa, & the most affordable, it is used by many homes & businesses & in some cases is used as a failover rather than a primary connectivity medium. for more info on our Business DSL, contact us here.