Business Fibre Internet


Fibre is changing the way we do business, not only speeding up the communication, but also the way we think about information exchange. We are using more data than ever before & it’s set to double every year. It’s all about video, sound & pictures, all of which use more data & can slow a network down. Can you imagine hosting a video conference with multiple venues, clients & partners in real-time? This & many more applications are, & will become available, as fibre becomes more entrenched in the business world.

Voice & Data's Business Fibre Internet is ideal for small businesses or anyone requiring high speed & low cost internet access. Choose line speeds from 10 - 100Mbps with matched upload/download speeds - & unleash the true power of business class fibre. In addition, you’ll get Voice & Data’s outstanding customer service from day one, along with a reliable, fast business fibre connection at a price that’s competitive.

Our Business Fibre Internet range comes with 1 x Static IP included, value added services which makes your internet experience faster (these include firewalling & caching), which delivers the very best performance for any large amounts of data. Applications for our Business Fibre Internet include: VoIP, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Web & Video Conferencing, CCTV, Online back up & running your own web or mail servers.

If your business has grown to the point where you need more from us, we have the flexibility to provide you with a technology upgrade quickly, easily & without any disruption to your service.

Voice & Data's Premium Business Fibre Internet, is the connectivity medium of choice amongst SMEs & large corporates alike. The development of increasingly bandwidth hungry applications & solutions demands increasing speeds & unlimited data. Voice & Data gives you the best combination of speed & reliability with cost effective solutions backed by our Certified Carrier Ethernet grade networks in a increasing number of national business precincts & office parks. Business is all about communication & we don’t want it to be constrained.

These are just a few benefits of our Premium Fibre To The Business:

  • File download & upload in seconds for quicker backup or sharing
  • Faster Internet browsing including streaming of high-definition video
  • Additional bandwidth will improve the performance of Virtual Private Networks making uploading & downloading of files more efficient & secure
  • Lower call costs by taking advantage of VoIP delivered over Fibre
  • Improved business services such as video-conferencing or the use of hosted applications
  • Our approach is to provide our customers with a proposal & outline how the installation will be conducted
  • Business Parks are using fibre for CCTV enhancing the security within the complex.

For more info on our Business Fibre Internet, contact us here.