Business Telephone Services


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is simply "Internet telephony", the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated data connection instead of traditional wires. Voice & Data's Business Telephone Services provides high quality, managed connectivity through fibre, DSL, LTE & Wireless to ensure the service runs smoothly.

IP & VoIP telephone systems dramatically reduce costs on phone calls, & provide the option of digital telephony solutions such as managed PABX in the cloud & voice recording. Managed VoIP means that additional users or lines can be easily added or removed as required, without visits to your office or without costly hardware on-site.

Voice & Data's Business Telephone Services also offers free calls on our network to your staff & other Voice & Data clients, further reducing your costs. There are a great deal of options & additional services available for Voice & Data's Business Telephone Services.

Our packages are setup for different individual or business environments. We also have our own LTE APN, which is a secure, monitored link to each of our clients over either the Vodacom, or Telkom Mobile Network - allowing us to give you guaranteed high quality of speech.

Our voice APN runs through a Voice & Data private segment on the LTE network, ensuring that we always deliver high quality voice calls with the best quality of service. Our APN Voice Packages can also used for seamless failover with all other Voice & Data solutions.

Whether you need us to arrange the installation of new lines or want to transfer your existing services, Voice & Data makes everything quick & easy with limited disruption to your business operations. Services that can be ordered include SIP lines, digital lines & PRI.

Voice & Data also offer full porting services for your business, this ensures business continuity with regards to keeping telephone numbers. The services apply throughout South Africa. Porting can be done from mobile operator to mobile operator or Landline operator to Landline operator.

Mobile to Land line is not permitted. Geographic numbers also cannot be ported out of the relevant operator. Advantages of Porting with us include survivability of your incoming telephone number, should copper lines get stolen, we are able to forward the inbound number to a mobile phone or another number easily. For SME businesses you can easily double you channels for inbound calls.