Fibre To The Home


Fibre To The Home is now a reality for most densely populated areas in South Africa. It provides better speed, stability & performance (100-200 times more), to that of conventional DSL lines. As opposed to copper cable theft, & downtime losses amounting to millions of Rands annually, fibre optic cable has almost no resale value & isn’t affected as much, (or as often) by lightning.

Home businesses are also becoming more prolific, therefore it makes sense to have a reliable, flexible solution in your home office. By combining your broadband & phone lines into one package, you will also will also enjoy cheaper VoIP phone calls through other networks. Voice & Data's Fibre To The Home gives you easy access to online apps for business or education, & on-demand streaming services such as Netflix & Youtube.

Fibre gives multiple users in your home, use of the internet simultaneously while using different devices. You also get quicker up & downloads, fast browsing &, depending on your line speed, gaming over a stable, fast connection that won’t lag or stall. You are also able to improve your home security systems via IP camera surveillance. Our Fibre To The Home is fast & powerful enough to handle HD & emerging standards such as Ultra HD (4K). For more info on Fibre To The Home, contact us here.